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Derek Noble's supposedly luxurious coach holiday starts to dissipate as soon as a clapped-out, old coach appears to pick him up, staffed by an indifferent courier and partially-sighted driver.  With the spa hotel replaced by a rundown guest house there's not much of the brochure-described holiday left.

Thank goodness for Angela, the rather lovely woman Derek pals up with on the way down.  She might just make the trip bearable, if only the rest of the party would leave them alone long enough to get to know each other.

Still, perhaps the eccentric mix of characters will surprise him as he learns about their lives and secrets as they move from one hilarious excursion to another. And maybe Angela will provide a surprise or two herself.

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It can be scary to take a risk in life but sometimes it's the only way to move forwards; nothing ventured, nothing gained.

While a bucket list brings enemies, Diana and Lou together, Jamie Taylor's events to attract new customers to his pub don't quite turn out as planned.  Robert and Grace's sexual experimentation is quite an eye opener to both of them and Dr Bryant's infatuation with his locum could get dangerously out of hand if his wife finds out.

From flashing the pensioners at the local regatta and sustaining an injury while trying a new position, onto being responsible for the extinction of an entire species; these new ventures may not bring the changes expected but with love and friendship blossoming there's everything to gain.

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Two years after meeting on a coach holiday in Driven to Distraction, Derek and Angela are trying to put her past behind them as they embark on a new life together.  Not easy when the in-laws have moved in.  Angela wishes Derek would just tell his mother, Ursula the truth but he won't and it puts a strain on their relationship.

Angela's isn't the only secret though.  At the retirement home run by their friend, Margaret where her mother, Dora runs amok, spying on the staff and slipping syrup of figs into the gravy, a new resident causes quite a stir.  Also, isn't it odd that Ursula won't talk about her husband's death, and why is Derek secretly visiting his ex-wife?


When the past hasn't been settled it can return to haunt you.  Old sins cast long shadows.



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When five year old Emma Burrows went missing from a small, Essex village in 1980 it was presumed she'd been taken by Jimmy McGill, a young man with learning difficulties. Neither were seen again.

Thirty-nine years later a journalist researching a book on missing persons starts asking questions about the unsolved case, thrusting five people connected to the two missing individuals back into a past they thought they'd left behind.

Emma's family, her teacher and Jimmy's brother have all done their best to move on with their lives but now it appears their long-buried secrets, lies and regrets from almost forty years before are about to be unearthed for all the world to see.

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Abigail Adams is shocked when she discovers a man looking for her late mother is claiming to be her son.  Surely it must be a mistake.  But what does she really know about Mary's life from before she was born?


When Abi and Philip meet he drops another bombshell that leaves his sister reeling.  Together they try to uncover the truth about his birth so that Philip can gain closure and Abi can mourn the mother who is starting to become a stranger to her.


But perhaps Mary had reason to be secretive about her past. Will learning the truth bring sister and brother closer together or will it drive them apart?