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Derek Noble wishes now that he'd read the small print in the holiday brochure before booking the luxury coach trip to rural Tenhamshire. Apparently it's fine for Scrimshaw Travel to make last minute amendments to the holiday without the need to reduce the price.  That's what the indifferent courier tells him on day one of the tour as she arrives on a clapped-out, old coach, driven by a partially-sighted driver.


With the spa hotel replaced by a rundown guest house, staffed by a neurotic manager, decrepit waitress and under-sexed Italian waiter, there doesn't appear to be much of the brochure-described holiday left.

Thank goodness for Angela, the rather lovely woman Derek pals up with on the journey down.  She might just make the trip more bearable, if only the rest of the eccentric group would leave them alone long enough to get to know one another.

Still, perhaps they'll surprise him as Derek learns more about their lives while moving from one hilarious excursion to another.  And maybe Angela will provide one or two surprises herself.

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Take a chance, what's the worst that could happen?
The residents of sleepy Ryan Harbour are about to find that out.


While a bucket list brings enemies, Diana and Lou together, events to attract new customers to his pub don't quite turn out as planned for landlord, Jamie Taylor.  Robert and Grace's sexual experimentation is quite an eye opener to both of them and Dr Bryant's infatuation with his new locum could get dangerously out of hand if his wife finds out.

From flashing the pensioners at the local regatta and sustaining an injury while attempting a new position, onto being responsible for the extinction of an entire species; these new ventures may not bring the changes expected but with love and friendship blossoming, there's everything to gain.


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It's been two years since Derek and Angela met up on a coach holiday to Tenhamshire in Driven to Distraction.  Setting up a new life together in the county where they fell in love hasn't been straightforward, particularly now the in-laws have moved in too.


Derek's mum, Ursula is looking for an apartment nearby while Angela's petty thief father, Bert turns up to escape the Russian Mafia...or is it the Chinese Triads? Either way, Derek's none too pleased when the two parents hit it off.

Also a passenger on that eventful coach trip, Margaret too has set up a new life in Tenhamshire running an exclusive retirement home, where her mother, Dora runs amok, operating a secret death sweepstake and slipping syrup of figs into the gravy.

But new lives can be stressful if the old ones haven't been settled correctly.   The past is still haunting the newest residents of Tenhamshire. Old sins cast long shadows.



Forty years is one of those special anniversaries when people are more inclined to remember the past.  Not that Pippa Golding is taking any chances.

Purporting to be a journalist researching a book about unsolved missing person cases, she brings the story of the disappearance of Daisy Burrows and Jimmy McGill back into the present, leaving those involved in the lives of the two missing people anxious and reluctant to speak with her.

For her parents and brother, Daisy remains the five year old, innocent child.  For the teacher, criticised for allowing a little girl to run out of the classroom and disappear, she is a reminder of a lost career.  For Joey McGill, his mentally-disabled brother remains the abductor, the guilty party.

Pippa believes there's truth to uncover but what is her interest in this particular story.  While her search for information continues, the five people she's unnerved feel they're being forced to relive that September day forty years before, when things weren't quite as they'd seemed.

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Coming Soon


Abigail Adams is shocked when she discovers a man looking for her late mother is claiming to be her son.  Surely it must be a mistake.  But what does she really know about Mary's life from before she was born?


When Abi and Philip meet he drops another bombshell that leaves his sister reeling.  Together they try to uncover the truth about his birth so that Philip can gain closure and Abi can mourn the mother who is starting to become a stranger to her.


But perhaps Mary had reason to be secretive about her past. Will learning the truth bring sister and brother closer together or will it drive them apart?

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